5 Ways to Avoid Taking Antidepressants

Ways to Avoid Taking Antidepressants

Most of us experience depression in our lives. For some it may be light and can go away while for some it can be serious and has to be treated. Almost 10% of women over 18 take anti-depressants and this act as a miracle cure when you are feeling depressed. And when people do not complain too much about the side-effects, the physicians too prescribe it for a longer time. Although it is not initially too strong the side effects can flare up after a while and it can be worse than your depression. Side effects of anti-depressants include insomnia, decreased libido, drowsiness, headaches and at some time hallucinations. Anti-depressants are also said to cause suicidal tendencies in some. Stopping anti-depressants should be considered carefully and the decision has to be taken after consulting your physician and making sure you have a support system for you can end up with discontinuation symptoms if you stop it abruptly. Here are some ways you can avoid taking anti-depressants.

1. Slow and steady is the way

If you plan to quit taking anti-depressants, consult your doctor and do it slowly. Do not stop in one day because you think the signs of your depression are fading as they might recur. It is advisable to take anti-depressants for at least 9 months before you make a decision to quit. If you have had repeated occurrences of depression, continue with anti-depressants for at least two years before you quit. Although quitting is good for you, you should do it the right way. Also do not quit when you are under stressful conditions like a new job or a marriage.

2. Have a plan

Once you have decided to stop taking anti-depressants, you should have a plan to reduce the dosage slowly. After consultations with your physician, you can reduce the number of pills every week or every day. Also make a mood calendar and note down your mood swings o the lack of it after you have been decreasing your pills. This calendar will help you know if your plan has been effective.

3. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is also a good way to wean you off anti-depressants. Research has been conducted into this and scientists have found that psychotherapy helps n recovering from depression and also prevents a recurrence. Patients undergoing psychotherapy while trying to quit taking anti-depressants were less likely to have a relapse.

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