5 Ways to Avoid Sitting All Day

Ways to Avoid Sitting All Day

Prolonged sitting is not good for the body and mind. It has been linked to several illnesses including heart disease, cancer, depression and the likes. People who have desk job must engage in some activities to help take care of the problem. Here are some ways to avoid sitting all day.

1. Use a stability ball

Sitting on a stability ball while working in office will give some movement to your muscles. This is better than sitting on a chair, as you will move around more while sitting on the ball. You are also likely to get up more often, which does not happen when you are seated on a cozy and comfortable chair.

2. Make use of the adjustable workstation

This enables you to work while standing and sitting alternatively. Standing all day is not good either as it puts pressure on your circulatory system, your heart and your legs and feet. It is best to alternate between standing and sitting positions. See how you can transform your present workstation to a sitting/standing one.

3. Walk around

Every 30 minutes or so, take a break and walk around. Walk over to the desk of another coworker to discuss a project instead of just finishing it in a call, walk to the tea/coffee area and so on. See how you can include more movement in your work schedule. Walk around in the office or outside with your coworkers as you discuss work. This extra activity will give a boost to the levels of alertness and energy and will enhance creativity too.

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