5 Ways to Avoid a Hangover on New Year’s Day

5 Ways to Avoid a Hangover on New Year's Day

New year celebrations, parties, and DJ nights are planned well in advance and all the bookings are done. People all over the world plan out something and celebrate the new years in their own way. The most common scenario on New Year’s Eve is, people partying and getting high. Everyone knows that after a long night of partying and drinking comes the ‘hangover’. Hangovers can take a toll on your next day’s schedule. Here are 5 ways to cure your New Year Eve’s hangover.

1. Drink plenty of water

After drinking so much the entire night, it is obvious you will get dehydrated and experience a bad hangover. Have plenty of water before sleeping, if you forgot to do so then have a lot of water the next morning. You could have energy drinks, juices and other liquids to cure the hangover.

2. Eat well

You need to eat well the next morning while experiencing a hangover. Food rich in proteins and carbohydrates is great for curing the hangover. Have some fruits and juices as your stomach would be sensitive. Later, have a sumptuous meal of eggs, or other greasy items. Eggs are great as they have enzymes that help to break down the alcohol.

3. Substitute food with liquids

If you feel too uneasy to eat anything during a hangover, then you could opt for some substitutes. You could have delicious smoothies, fresh fruit juices, or coconut water to feel good and cure the hangover.

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