5 Ways to Attract an Alpha Male


Given a chance, almost every woman would love to be with an alpha male. His confidence, his protectiveness, his demeanor and his charisma is compelling. But how do you attract an alpha male? Here are a few ways to help you out.

1. Look stunning

This is perhaps one of the most important steps to draw the attention of an alpha male. Men are visual beings and react more to visual stimuli than women. Therefore it is very important that he find you good looking and attractive. Remember, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Tone your body, buy some sexy clothes and wear a great personality. The more attractive you are, the better are your chances of catching his eye.

2. Let him make the first move

Once you have attracted his attention, wait for him to contact you. Do not make the mistake of contacting him first. Alpha men want to feel like they are in control. Let him call you first, let him offer to take you out, allow him to make the first move. However, keep in mind that you need not play too hard to get. While guys love the chase, keeping him waiting for too long is also not a good idea. So, take the clue from here ladies.

3. Pump his ego

The alpha man will try to impress you with stories of his accomplishments. Listen to him attentively and act impressed. He will be floored. Flood him with generous compliments and praises. He would feel wonderful to have found a woman who sees him as someone full of potential. Let him know that you love his company and is very impressed with him.

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