5 Ways in Which Heroin Destroys Lives

Ways in Which Heroin Destroys Lives

Heroin can be highly addictive and it is a drug that is the synthesized form of morphine taken from the poppy plant originating in Asia. Heroin use has had a long history with governments and colonizers using it to subdue and enslave people. It is also a recreative drug that is currently ruining millions of lives around the world. It is also a drug that has fuelled the drug trade and also the anti-drug wars in many parts of the world. Due to its addictive nature, a lot of people can’t stop using it and slowly die out bring a lot of pain not only to themselves but also to their families. Heroin comes in white, brown and black colors. The Black is known as tar heroin and can be pretty deadly. It can be snorted or injected into the body depending upon the user. Heroin addiction never ends on a happy note as it slowly kills off the body. A lot of celebrities and people have been addicted to heroin due to the instant high it gives.

1. Heroin addicts can turn pretty violent when they do not have access to the drug

When a heroin user has difficulty sourcing the drug or has been denied the drug, he or she can get pretty violent. They can cause damage not only to themselves but also to people around them. The sad part is that they lose control and do not really know what they are doing until it is too late.

2. It slowly kills off the internal organs and damages the brain

Heroin acts like a corrosive and slowly destroys the internal organs leading to multiple organ failures. It also eats up the brain making the user completely dependent on the drug and unable to function without it. When the user is being slowly killed from the inside, it also causes untold misery to people who love him or her. Sometimes it is like the family does not know the user anymore.

3. When injected, there are chances of getting an HIV infection

When a lot of people use the same injection to take the drug, there are a lot of chances that the user can get AIDS or get HIV infected. Injecting heroin also weakens the nerves and a higher dosage is required with long usage as the body keeps craving more heroin to get the same levels of high.

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