5 Ways Celebrities’ Fame Affects their Kids

Ways Celebrities' Fame Affects their Kids

Fame is like a drug. Some people get addicted to it and cannot handle when it goes away and some people learn to live with it. In today’s world of constant TV and instant celebrities it is easy to become famous. However, people in their quest to become famous or make more money jump headlong into the entertainment industry without really caring about the consequences such fame can have on their kids. Although a lot of celebrities take great pains to keep their children away from the spotlight and let them have as normal a life as possible, it gets difficult at times and the kids are naturally affected by it either voluntarily and involuntarily. Here are some ways in which the fame of the celebrities affects their kids.

1. They get a sense of entitlement

When a celebrity is famous, they get photographed and treated like royalty wherever they go and because the kids are around, the same treatment applies to them. These kids get a sense of entitlement from a young age without really having to earn it. When they start living in this fantasy land of their parents, they get out of touch with reality and find it hard to cope up when the fame dies.

2. Every move of theirs becomes news sometimes that they develop social phobias

When their every move is documented, some kids refuse to get out and have problems dealing with people from outside. It is unfair that a celebrity’s kid should also be subjected to constant scrutiny. It even goes to such cheap levels where little kids of celebrities are pitted as fashionista and they are also put in competition with each other without them really understanding anything about it.

3. They become targets for stalkers and other people

Not only are celebrities stalked, but their kids are also stalked by some obsessive fans. The kids cannot be cooped up all the time and when they come out, they will have to deal with these kids of threats and cannot have a normal life if their parents are too visible or too famous.

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