7 Ways Aromatherapy can Reduce Your Stress

Ways Aromatherapy can Reduce Your Stress

A busy life, is it? You must be under a lot of stress then. Are you losing interest in daily activities, looking older than you are, feeling tired, more irritable and feeling the pressure bogging you down a lot? Do you experience one or more of these symptoms lately? It’s time you took care of your lovely mind and body. Here are some therapeutic natural ways that will bring the pleasant aromas back in your life.

1. Rosemary aromatherapy

The body possesses certain anti-oxidative mechanisms like the saliva which reduce oxidative stress caused due to free radicals. Smelling rosemary essential oil accelerates saliva production, brain performance and uplifts your mood considerably. It is said to lower cortisol levels in the body, thereby keeping your mind peaceful and content.

2. Lavender aromatherapy

Feeling listless, restless, nervous and nauseous? Rub a few drops of lavender essential oil on your palm and inhale deeply. The linalyl and linaloon acetates in it will automatically relax your nerves and rid you of all the stress and anxiety you’ve been experiencing of late. You can also massage lavender oil on your temples to ward off pressure and tension.

3. Lemon balm aromatherapy

Lemon balm essential oil has proved to be an effective remedy for anxiety, stress and insomnia. To reduce stress caused due to work pressure, you can apply 3-4 drops of high quality lemon balm oil on your palm and inhale the scents. This will surely boost your concentration levels and transform you into a positive, bright person.

4. Pure vanilla aromatherapy

Studies reveal that patients who experienced anxiety just before MRIs surprisingly reported less anxiety when they inhaled pure vanilla scented air. Vanilla essential oil is loaded with therapeutic qualities which improves cognitive performance and uplifts moods. It has anti-inflammatory properties and serves as a relaxant.

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