5 Very Interesting Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

Very Interesting Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World

Just like every other holiday or an important day, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in different ways around the world. It would be surprising to know that there are still countries and people who either do not know about the Valentine’s Day celebrations or do not celebrate it. Equally shocking are news about countries that ban celebrations on Valentine’s Day because it is considered an immoral thing to do. It is always however interesting to know how other people celebrate it and if there is any similarity or if the celebrations are completely different from ours. Here are some very interesting Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world.

1. Brazil and other South American countries

Brazil celebrated Valentine’s Day or the day of love not on the 14th of February but on the 12th. The women write the names of all their crushes on pieces of paper and roll them. Then they pick up one and try to pursue or marry the name that they have picked out from the pile. In other South American countries, this day is also celebrated as the day of friendship. People from these countries also give each other secret gifts to show their love.

2. France

This being a romantic country and all that, the passion run pretty high too and that’s the reason they have a custom or had one that is not banned. According to the custom, the men and women would stand in houses on writher side of the street and call out names. They would then pair off. The deserted women however i.e. the ones the men refused to go out with would than make a bonfire in the night throwing things and curses. Since the cursing and the yelling became too rowdy to contain, this custom was banned.

3. Japan and South Korea

In japan and South Korea, women are normally considered to be very timid and expect the men to pamper them. But on Valentine’s Day there is a role reversal and it is the women who take charge and pamper the men. Japan also has specific chocolates that tell the guy the kind of love the woman has for him.

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