Use These 10 Romantic Lines To Win Your Partner’s Heart

Use These 10 Romantic Lines To Win Your Partner's Heart

It’s always a great feeling to talk to your partner about the goods things in life and share your future dreams together, right? We agree too. But don’t let the sweet talk fade away with time. Don’t you want your partner to stick with you for life and love you like no one else can? Then use a few of these lines on him once in a while and win his heart for ever and ever!

Line #1: ‘You’re looking hot today’

You know that he doesn’t actually have to look hot for you to say this right? Whether you’re in the middle of washing up after dinner or out shopping, steal a moment out of nowhere and tell him how he makes you weak kneed. Watch him smile ear to ear.

Line #2: ‘I never knew what true love was until you came into my life’

Try giving him the credit for all the happiness in your life and see how happy he feels. He’ll feel like a man responsible for bringing all the good things into your life. A little ego pumping will go a long way, ladies.

Line #3: ‘Let’s go out bowling’

Bowling was just an example. The idea is to initiate something he likes. It could be watching a baseball match, going out surfing or even going out for beer with his mates. You don’t think that’s romantic, right? We all know that men have different views of what is romantic and what is not. However boring they may be, give their views a chance.

Line #4: ‘Give me a kiss’

Stealing a kiss in the middle of crowd will not only give you and your partner an adrenaline kick but will also send him a signal about the naughty stuff you think about him all the time. Demand a kiss from him and give him something to think about!

Line #5: ‘How about meeting your friends today?’

Well, we know that this is not romantic but it’s definitely a feel good factor for your partner. Imagine how nice he will feel if you take the initiative to make him go meet his friends for a game? He will love it.

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