Unbelievable Facts About Men

Unbelievable Facts About Men

Men often boast about themselves as strong, powerful and intelligent. They think themselves to be more equipped to handle things than their female counterpart and furthermore, men also believe that unlike women they are less vulnerable or not vulnerable at all, less weak emotionally and are not likely to cry over their problems. However, after reading this piece, you will be surprised to know how untrue that is and how you have overrated your boyfriend/partner over the past few years! Here’s a list of some unbelievable facts about men.

• Did you notice that during the very first stage of your relationship whenever your boyfriend/partner used to call you, his very first questions were like ‘did you have your lunch?’ or ‘are you busy?’ Well, to say the truth, he didn’t make those enquiries out of total concern for you but instead those lines helped him to keep away from stammering.

• Men cry and they can really cry a lot in a relationship and if you have seen him crying for you, then he is the one for you.

• Men can’t tell you everything they think about you unless they are drunk.

• If you answer a guy blatantly with a single word ‘no’, for him it automatically translates into ‘try again tomorrow.

• To grab a woman’s attention a man can do almost anything.

• Men can invent a time machine or an inter-galactic spaceship but they can never read between the lines. So, don’t expect your boyfriend/partner to understand something about which you have only hinted but never spoken.

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