6 Types of Shapewear for Women

6 Types of Shapewear for Women

All women do not have the perfect dream like body required to wear certain kind of clothes, that doesn’t mean you don’t have alternatives. Shapewears are saviors for those who want a slimming effect on the outside; it hides your cellulite problems and gives you the smooth curves that you desire. Here are 6 different shapewears for women.

1. High waist briefs

If the waist area is the only problematic area then a high waist brief would work perfectly. Opt for a sexy looking high waist brief, it gives you a retro look too. They give a lift to your butt and make your waist look slimmer.

2. Body shapers

Body shapers work wonders for different areas and thus give complete results. They provide a lift to the butt, flatten the waist, enhance the curves, give an even shape and give a contouring effect. It is very useful and is quite popular too.

3. Waist cinchers

These are for achieving an hour glass shape and to provide a slimming effect to the waist. It is unlike the tight corsets with which it becomes difficult to breathe. Instead it is made of breathable materials that don’t make you feel very uncomfortable.

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