5 Toys Which Help Improve A Child’s Overall Abilities

 5 Toys Which Help Improve A Child's Overall Abilities

A child develops the most during the first six years of his life. The amount of development which takes place greatly impacts the future years of his

life. Psychologists have said that toys play an important role in helping the child in learning new things. Here are a few toys which help a child during the main years of growth.

1. Soft Toys

Children have a tendency to give life to inanimate things. Soft toys become their friends and they soon start talking to the toys. This is an excellent way in preparing them in interacting with humans later. Nowadays, soft toys other than just teddy bears are available. A lot many animals like panda, monkey, tigers, penguin and dogs come as soft toys.

2. Building Blocks

Want to make your child an architect? Well, it is too soon to decide but building blocks are beneficial in enhancing a child’s fine motor skills. First start with the big blocks and as the child grows buy the smaller ones which will help in improving fine motor abilities. Assembling the blocks and creating things of their own meaning also helps in increasing the cognitive skills.

3. Balls

Avoid the plastic balls and choose the soft balls as kids have a tendency to put everything in the mouth. Plastic balls might hurt their soft gums. Go for big 3 feet diameter balls with can be refilled with air and then decrease the ball size as they grow up. This will help the child develop their gross motor skills. Once they are able to catch the ball you throw at them properly, go for the bouncy ones to bring a new level of difficulty in the play.

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