5 Totally Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

 5 Totally Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost knocking at our doors and most of us have already started planning our costumes. And why not? This is that one time of the year when we really get to revive our childhood and become children again. But this fun-filled joy of life does not come without some pre-planning. We all want our costumes to be unique and best. So, here are 5 unique costume ideas which you should definitely try out this Halloween.

1. Bride In Black

The old woman from ‘Insidious’! If you can really pull this off, there can be few things scarier than this. All that you’ll need is a wig, black dress, veil, and some white paint on your face. Of course the ability to scare the hell out of people goes unsaid. Oh, and don’t forget to walk with a lit candle.

2. Carrie

Carrie, from the movie with the same name, will definitely freak out your friends. You’ll only need a red prom dress and some red paint or tomato ketchup, or something that looks like blood to be poured all over you.

3. Velma

Velma from ‘Scooby Doo’ is an all time favorite for the young ones. All you will need is an orange turtle neck sweater, orange socks, maroon skirt and maroon buckle shoes. And don’t forget the big glasses with thick black frame.

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