7 Top Reasons to End a Friendship

7 Top Reasons to End a Friendship

Friendships can end because of many reasons. The bond between two friends can weaken because of a betrayal or a friendship can wither because it could not stand the test of time. Here are a few reasons why you should end a friendship.

1. Your friendship is not reciprocated

Are you in a situation in which you do everything for your friend but your friend does nothing for you? This is a case of unrequited friendship. If you think that you are not getting the kind of satisfaction and emotional belongingness from your friendship that you should, it may be time to end the friendship. This is because your friend does not value company as much as you do.

2. Your friend betrays you

One of the unsaid rules of friendship is that you have to stand by each other. If your friend does not vocalize support for you or stabs you in the back by doing something against you, it means that you have been betrayed by your friend. Betrayal is one of the common reasons to end a friendship.

3. Your friendship has withered because of distance

Sometimes it is possible that friendships naturally come to a break off point because they cannot stand the test of time and distance. When friends have not met for a long time because they live in different cities or countries, their friendship may wither. If you think that you and your friend have mutually lost interest in your friendship, it is a good enough reason to end your friendship amicably at that point.

4. Your friend lies to you repeatedly

Although white lies are not acceptable in any friendship, there may be scenarios when friends lie to each other for specific reasons. But when your friend starts blatantly lying to you and hiding things from you, it may be the right time to end your friendship. You don’t deserve deceit from your friend if you have always been loyal and truthful in return.

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