Top 8 Reasons For Swollen Ankles

Top 8 Reasons For Swollen Ankles

Swelling of ankles and feet is a problem that most of us will face at some or the other point in life. The reasons are, of course, different for different people. While a little amount of swelling in the feet is normal for pregnant women or athletes, major swelling can become a cause of concern.

Listed here are some of the reasons that cause swollen ankles:

1. Foot Injuries

If you’ve sprained your ankle or have been hit by something hard on your foot, or have faced some other kind of injury, then it could possibly be the cause for swollen ankles.

2. Standing Too Much

This creates too much pressure on the feet and can cause not just the ankles, but also your overall legs to swell. This happens with people who are in professions that require prolonged standing and walking.

3. Pregnancy

Not only does pregnancy put more pressure on the feet, but also causes certain hormonal conditions that lead to more retention of water in the body. Either way, swelling starts to reflect on the ankles and feet.

4. Side Effects of Medicines

It’s possible that certain medication that you are undertaking is causing fluid retention in the body, which is eventually leading to the swelling of your ankles. It’s best to consult a doctor in such a scenario and figure out the alternatives to such medicines.

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