Top 8 Things Children Fear

Top 8 Things Children Fear

Children are very delicate and as they are in touch with their parents only, every other person except their mum and dad is an outsider for them. Kids know their parents touch only and feel safe in their arms. The following are the top things that kids fear.

1. Fear of strangers

Children fear outsiders. They know their parents only and stay with them all the time. Whenever any guest comes home, they get afraid and try to avoid them. They often hide themselves in a room and sometimes behind their parents.

2. Darkness

Children don’t go to gloomy places and get frightened of shadows. They also run away from their shadow sometimes as they think that the shadow is following them. Darkness makes them feel that somebody is with them and will take them away from.

3. Thunderstorms and lightning

Thunder makes a loud noise and the sudden sound can scare them. Kids cover themselves under a blanket or go under the bed to escape from thunder and lightning.

4. Nightmares

You might have heard sudden shouts of kids at night. They get up unexpectedly and start crying. This is because of the horrifying dreams they see at night. Sometimes nightmares may be a result of watching horror shows at night or any weird image that has been imprinted on their mind.

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