Top 8 Home Safety Tips For Kids

5. Keep small things and food out of reach

Again curiosity and teething problems children tend to chew onto everything they find. They are a risk at choking on small things like candies, nuts, toys, coins, pens and many more. When they put their hands into handbags or purses, immediately take the hands out. Keep all things out of their reach and be there whenever they are wandering here and there.

6. Install carbon monoxide detector and fire alarm

Considering the environmental pollution anything can happen. Installing detectors and alarms is important while child proofing. Make sure, children are familiar with the noise alarm would make as well as carry out mock sessions so that they do not panic if it ever happens.

7. Children love pets, but beware

The companionship you see between children and their pets is something which cannot be there between any two people. While choosing the pet you want to buy, see to it that it suits your family’s lifestyle. Don’t leave your child alone with the pet because pets can become aggressive or scared or excited and end up biting your child. Teach your children how to behave with pets.

8. BE prepared for Emergencies

No matter how much child proofing you do, there will always be something less. You must learn CPR and abdominal thrust procedure. Keep a handy first aid kit at home and emergency numbers on your phone such as doctor, fireman, your spouse and relatives and people from work.

Try your best, so that your child has the happiest and safest childhood.

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