Top 8 Home Safety Tips For Kids

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Kids at home? Well, there is going to be a lot of jumping here and there, a lot of waste generated, a lot of falling down. Being a parent, there are some safety measures you should undertake so that your child least hurt. Don’t go to an extreme where you encase your child’s freedom.

Here are 8 safety tips which will be helpful for taking care of active, growing children.

1. Keep detergents, soaps, disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals away from children

All the household cleaning chemicals are hazardous and poisonous to only kids but elders too on swallowing. Keep them out of reach, somewhere your kids won’t reach and for extra safety lock the cupboard. Don’t leave cosmetics and toiletries and even medicine bottles within easy reach. They can, as well, be hazardous and harmful to children. Lock them up in a small cabinet.

2. Don’t leave children unattended near water

Children love to splash water all around. It is play time for them. Leaving children alone in water even for a few seconds can be dangerous because drowning can occur even in an inch level of water. They are very curious, so just be near them while them have fun splashing water on you and around everywhere.

3. Keeping Sleeping areas void of hard things and suffocating things

While child proofing, the most important thing is to keep toys and fluffy pillows away from the crib when the baby is sleeping. During winters, instead of adding blankets over your baby, make him wear warm clothes and pajamas.

4. Keep the fire arms unloaded and out of reach

It is one of the leading causes of death. Children don’t know anything about guns and out of curiosity fire causing their death. It is very sad to hear, though. Keep guns in locked cabinets and tell them never to touch it.

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