Top 8 Health Benefits Of Brown Rice

Top 8 Health Benefits Of Brown Rice

You must have read this in numerous health related articles that brown rice is a healthy option against white rice. And does that pique your interest regarding the benefits of brown rice? In that case, here’s an interesting piece that would tell you some of the most obvious advantages of having brown rice instead of its white counterpart.

1. It’s nutritious

Brown rice is the grain that comes from the same plant as white rice. However, when brown rice is cultivated, only the outer layer called the husk or hull is eliminated from the grain. White rice, on the other hand, comes after the hull and the bran are removed from the grain and after being polished for long. All of this tends to reduce the nutrients, which several layers of the grain contain, in case of white rice. This in-the-face comparison denotes that brown rice is way too nutritious than white rice.

2. It’s rich in fiber

Because the bran and the nutrients in brown rice are kept away from processing, they tend to make this healthy rice rich in fiber. Foods that contain high fiber are known to battle against major diseases and ailments.

3. It’s rich in minerals

Brown rice is a rich source of minerals like manganese, magnesium and selenium. A good amount of manganese can promote a healthy nervous system. It also helps in the production of cholesterol that is used to produce sex hormones.

4. It cures major ailments

Brown rice, with its rich source of fiber, minerals and essential nutrients, is known to deal with major illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, heart problems, colon cancer, asthma and type 2 diabetes. It also helps to regulate bowel movement and cure constipation.

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