Top 7 Reasons not to Get a Tattoo

Top 7 Reasons not to Get a Tattoo

Tattoos have long been around. From the warrior tribes of the Amazon to Africa to Native Indians, tattooing has long held an important part in many cultures signifying a lot of things. You can get a tattoo to prove your loyalty to a gang, to prove your love to your partner or parents or family, you can get it to make a statement or get one when drunk and not remember how you ended up with a tattoo. As fun and rebellious and harmless as it sounds, there are equal number of reasons as to why you should not get a tattoo. Here are some.


That is the first and the most persuasive reason why you should not get a tattoo. You might be into your partner right now and think he or she is the best person in the world. You are too much in love to get a tattoo only to break up with him and realize that your tattoo is more permanent than your relationship.

2. It hurts

It hurts to get a tattoo. It hurts when you decide to get one is some very sensitive areas and it still hurts when you decide to get rid of it or get it modified. To go into all the trouble, only to regret it later; it’s better not to get one in the first place.

3. You don’t know if it is completely safe

You can never be hundred percent sure that the tattoo parlor and the instruments used there are completely sanitized and safe. You can get inked and end up with a disease or two. God forbid if you end up with AIDS or Hepatitis.

4. It is expensive if you want to get rid of it

Getting rid of your tattoo can prove to be a long and expensive process especially when your tattoo is too big and elaborate and in areas that are visible.

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