Top 7 Exercises To Lose Weight

Top 7 Exercises For Weight Loss

Who doesn’t desire a slim, fit and healthy body? Being overweight can result is various problems like loss of stamina, less immunity power, inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence. Instead of starving yourself to loose calories, lose weight the healthy way by making physical activities a part of your life. Here are top 7 exercises for weight loss.

1. Walking

Walking is the best exercise for any person of any age. It is simple, doesn’t cost a thing and is super effective. The best time to go for a nice long walk is early in the morning. It is a great way to kick start your day. So put your walking shoes on and get ready to shed kilos on the way as you walk.

2. Bicycling

Ditch your car and motor cycle, and get yourself a bicycle. It is cheaper, lighter and also helps to lose weight. A bicycle is the ideal way to travel off to close by places when you don’t want to walk. It will also help you to reach somewhere faster. In the process, you will end up slimmer and fitter.

3. Dancing

Dancing is one reason why it is said that exercising can also be fun. The best part is the versatility that it possesses. Some of the popular dance forms that help to lose weight are Belly dancing, Hip-hop, Salsa, Zumba, African, Bollywood and Ballet. They will not only keep you fit, but you will also learn a new hobby.

4. Swimming

Didn’t you love playing in water as a child? Swimming is a great pass time, and helps you to lose weight as well, in the bargain. Studies reveal that an average of 800 calories can be used by swimming for an hour. So enroll yourself for swimming classes if you are not into it. If you already know swimming, it is time that you swim more often.

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