Top 6 Tips On Makeup For Dark Skin

Top 6 Tips On Makeup For Dark Skin

If you were thinking that makeup just looks good on fair skin then think again! Makeup can look fabulous on dark skin provided that it is done neatly and with a little bit of knowledge. There may be certain colors that may look too loud and flashy, so avoid such colors. The best quality about dark skin is that it is less prone to pimples and acne. Just follow these tips and makeup will do wonders for your skin.

1. Use liquid foundation

For darker tones of skin, it is best to use liquid foundation as it does not look cakey and also prevents the extra shine that occurs because of a cream foundation. You can use a highlighter for that extra sheen.

2. Use natural earthy colors

Colors like brown, peach, bronze tend to suit dark skin as they blend well with the skin tone and yet add the extra bit required to enhance the look of the skin.

3. Pick the right colors in eye shadows

For eye shadows, certain colors like purple, medium blue, forest green, gun metal gray, plum, and the likes look dazzling and are not even over the top. While going out for a party, use shades of silver and gold and finish the look with a mascara and eyeliner.

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