Top 6 Facts About A Guy Who Really Loves You

Top 6 Facts About A Guy Who Really Loves You

You no longer need to pull petals off a rose and find out whether ‘he loves you’ or ‘he loves you not.’ Here is how you can get a sneak peek into a guy’s mind and find out whether he really loves you. All you need is to look out for these specific signs that will tell you whether he really cares for you or not. Listed below are some facts about a guy who really loves you.

1. He makes you feel special

Not only does he give you the best of gifts whether there is an occasion or not, he does not forget to compliment you on how good you look or how nice your dress is. He always makes you feel special. Chivalry is of paramount importance to him as far as you are concerned.

2. He makes you laugh

The one who loves you will always want to see you happy. So the guy who really loves you will try to make you laugh always – and most definitely when you are upset or depressed about something. Even if he has a poor sense of humor, he will not cease from trying to be humorous just for your sake.

3. He says “I love you” often

No matter how long you have been together, he says “I love you” more than often. What’s more, every time he makes perfect eye contact with you and says it with feeling from the bottom of his heart. The three magic words never become a cliché, not for him, and not when he says it to you – if he really loves you.

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