Top 5 Ways To Play Hard To Get With A Guy

Top 5 Ways To Play Hard To Get With A Guy

Playing hard to get is considered to be a talent every woman should have. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done, especially when a romantic hunk comes and sweeps you off your feet, isn’t it? Well, not any more. Read ahead for the best tips on how to play ‘hard to get’ with a guy.

1. Avoid his calls

No, we are not asking you to avoid all the calls your guy makes. Start by avoiding only some of his calls, and when you call back, sound as if you were busy or occupied when he called. This trick has been long used by many women who want their guy to go that extra mile to be in touch with them. Here’s one suggestion though, don’t make this a regular habit or else he will feel ignored.

2. Be vague

You can ‘play hard to get’ with your guy by being vague in your answers. The key here, is to be as vague as possible without sounding rude or offensive. When he asks you, “Where were you last night?”, simply reply “Oh, I was out with some friends of mine.” That’s it. Don’t divulge any more details regarding where you went, what you did or which friends you went out with. Let him yearn for more information as you play hard to get with him.

3. Don’t agree to dates instantly

What would you do if your guy called you and asked, “Hi honey. Are you free for lunch tomorrow? How about we have a quick lunch date at the plaza?” If you said, “Yes, for sure”, you are not playing hard to get at all. If you really want to play hard to get with your guy, you can give a reply on the lines of “Um, I’ll have to check my schedule. How about if I check my appointments and call you back in sometime?” or “I’m busy during lunch. Is dinner fine?” The trick here is to make your guy feel that he is not on top of your priority for the day. This is a sure shot way of playing hard to get with your guy.

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