Top 5 Ways To Instantly Cheer You Up

Top 5 Ways To Instantly Cheer You Up

“Tabitha, I always wonder how you look so cheerful all the time”, exclaimed Candice, 35. “I am always so bogged down with my work, my household and my husband that the heaviness shows on my face”, she added. “Candice, I am not a magician. I too, am loaded with work everyday, but I use some simple yet effective tips to instantly perk up my mood when I am feeling heavy. Do you want to know what they are?”, asked Tabitha, 41, ready to lay down all her secrets.

Tip 1: Watch your favorite movie or scenes from it

“Do you know what I did once to instantly perk up my mood?”, asked Tabitha. “It was 1 am on a Saturday night and I wanted to take my mind off my busy schedule for the following week. I got my husband up and coaxed him into watching my favorite rom-com movie!”, she giggled. I don’t do this often but only when I am terribly stressed. “And sometimes, when I don’t have the time to watch a whole movie, I just log on to YouTube to watch some of my favorite scenes. This helps me smile and instantly perk up my mood”, Tabitha said.

Tip 2: Eat chocolate, cheese and wine

“Tab, I’ve heard women indulge in delicacies like chocolate, cheese, coffee and wine when they’re down and heavy. Is that a good way to perk up your mood instantly?”, inquired Candice. “For sure, love. These foods you just mentioned are claimed to be natural aphrodisiacs, and they are said to release the ‘happy hormones’ in your body which can instantly perk up your mood. Do you know, I always carry a bar of chocolate in my purse to use it as a mood inflator whenever I need it?”, said Tabitha.

Tip 3: Read inspirational quotes

“While I am talking to you Tabitha, I am getting a great idea on how to perk up your mood instantly”, said Candice, looking lost in thought. “I love reading biographies and life stories of famous people who faced a tougher time than me. Maybe I should keep a small handy diary or a long text message saved on my phone with 10 great inspiration quotes which I can read anytime anywhere to perk up my mood instantly”, she added. “Hey Candice. That’s a really innovative and a nice way to perk up your mood that even I couldn’t have thought of!”, said Tabitha.

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