Top 5 Ways Men and Women are Similar

Top 5 Ways Men and Women are Similar

Men and women, as they say, are poles apart from each other. As per their physical, mental and emotional attributes, they seem to be from two different planets all together! While it is true that they are very different in several ways, there are certain ways they are similar too. Here are 5 ways both are alike.

1. Both need a sense of security

Both men and women have an innate need to feel safe and secure. One can feel this only when there is trust, and trust is the basis of every happy and healthy relationship. The feeling of safety and security comes from the sense of attachment. Men and women need such attachments in life.

2. Both need to be valued

Both men and women love and want to be loved and valued by others. We achieve self-esteem when we live according to what we believe in and value. When we respect ourselves, it is more likely that others too will do the same. Self-respect and being appreciated and valued by others are crucial in order to get satisfaction in life.

3. Both strive to have enriching relationships

Relationships nourish our mind and soul. Both men and women wish to be involved in loving relationships. We are social beings and have a need to connect to others mentally, emotionally and socially. The love and support of our loved ones are necessary in order to lead a meaningful life.

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