Top 5 Tips To Talk To Your Child About Puberty

Top 5 Tips To Talk To Your Child About Puberty

“How should I talk to my child about puberty?” is a question that all parents face at some point in their lives. There is no better person in this world to talk to your child about this sensitive issue than you as a parent. Arm yourself with these 5 parenting tips on how and what to talk to your child about puberty.

1. Educate yourself

Knowledge is your primary weapon when you are informing your child about puberty. Educate yourself first and make sure you give the right knowledge to your child. The last thing you want to face is a situation where you are stumped and don’t have an answer to a question asked by your child.

2. Know when to talk

If you want to start talking to your child about puberty, timing is critical. You must talk at the right age, otherwise you will lose your window of opportunity. For girls, many experts suggest that the right age is between 9 and 12 while the same for boys is between 10 and 13 years. Depending on individual situations and circumstances, keep a track of your child’s experience with puberty and start talking when the time is right.

3. Have a straightforward chat about bodily changes

Good parenting is all about laying down all the facts in a straightforward and clear manner when it comes to talking about bodily changes, especially if you have a girl. Make sure you talk about changes in the size of breasts, menstruation and wet dreams when you talk to your child about puberty.

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