Top 5 Tips To Improve Mother Daughter Relationship

Top 5 Tips To Improve Mother Daughter Relationship

Most mothers think that their daughters, especially adult daughters and teenagers, should be their support system but notice that their daughters actually seek a place away from them. To counter attack that, daughters say that their mothers are unable to understand them, they are over protective at times, which is why they gradually get detached from their moms. Sounds much like the flip sides of the same coin, isn’t it? Only if you could find a solution, rather a mid-point, a mother-daughter relationship can never go wrong. Hence, we’ve chalked down a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want to strengthen your bond with your daughter or you want to improve your relationship with her.

1. Accept the fact that you can’t be your daughter’s best friend

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is you are forever going to be your daughter’s mother. Of course, you can be a friendly mother or a good friend, perhaps. But, you can never be each other’s best friends. This is because, a best friend is the one with whom you share common experiences like going to school together, to college and prom nights together, growing up together, getting infatuated to the same guy and the likes. As a mother, your experiences are different from your daughter. You will never be able to share common experiences with her. Your daughter will never know how was your experience during labor. So, the point that you need to take home is never obsess over the fact that you want to be your daughter’s best friend. That is not possible, so keep your expectations low over here.

2. Give your daughter her space

Your daughter may be the best one in the world. She must be sharing the deepest of secrets with you. Yet, you must make sure you give her the required space. Today, perhaps she likes it when she shares her secrets with you. Tomorrow, she might be uncomfortable. Learn to let go. Be ever ready to help her whenever she comes to you. If she doesn’t, don’t brood over it or spy on her.

3. Let your daughter grow on her own

Accepted, you want to be your daughter’s shadow all the time. But, as you know, a plant can not grow unless it gets ample of sunlight. In the same manner, your daughter needs to grow by herself. Let her take the wrong decisions, let her pay for her actions. If she messes up with something and then if she comes to you, it’s your duty to help her out as her mother. But, otherwise, it’s advisable to stay away from your daughter during her growing years.

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