Top 5 Tips to be Fashionable and Trendy Always

Top 5 Tips to be Fashionable and Trendy Always

“Being trendy and fashionable is definitely not an easy job. I learnt how to be trendy after a few months of constant observation, sourcing markets and reading fashion magazines”, said Zara, 31, a devoted follower of fashion. We requested Zara to summarize some tips to teach us how to be trendy and fashionable all the time. Here’s what she said.

1. Black can be your best bet

“When in trouble, wear black”, opined Zara. She said that everyone’s lesson on how to be trendy should start from knowing that black is a color that practically suits everyone. “If you are ever in a situation when you don’t have the latest apparel, just go with the classic black”, she advised.

2. Own a wide leather belt

You’ll love this excellent tip that Zara gave us on how to be trendy and fashionable always. “Wide leather belts can salvage the worst of outfits. Even if you are wearing a simple white shirt and denims, adding a belt could do wonders for your trendy look”, she said.

3. Having a pair of blue, skin tight denims is a must

“From tank tops, tunics, kaftans, ponchos, shirts to simple tees, anything you wear on a good pair of fitted denims will look great”, said Zara. This advice on how to be trendy really works, friends. Try comparing your look in a badly fitted, loose pair of denims and then wear nice fitted ones, and you will be able to see the difference yourself.

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