Top 5 Tips On Resolving Conflict In The Workplace

Top 5 Tips On Resolving Conflict In The Workplace

Do you always find yourself to be drawn into petty fights, arguments and difference of opinion at your workplace? You don’t need to worry about this. Conflicts occur in everybody’s life. The only difference is what method you use to resolve conflicts. Let go of all your worries about resolving conflicts by heeding some valuable advice from a few of our friends.

1. Stay calm

“Be calm, placid and absolutely unruffled in order to resolve conflicts in the workplace, especially with aggressive, in-your-face coworkers. The more you react and reply, the more you will be sucked into the fight and then there’s never going to be an end to the blame game”, said Andrew, 51, who works in a multinational and deals with resolving conflicts day in and day out.

2. Listen

Another useful tip was given to us by Laira, 26. According to her, listening is the most important key to resolving conflict. “It’s so weird. Sometimes, two arguing people are actually saying the same thing but the conflict persists because they are not ready to listen to each other”, she said. How amazing would it be if we could just listen to one another to resolve conflict and restore the peace in our lives, don’t you think friends?

3. Take a break

“I can bet my life that you wouldn’t have thought of this method of resolving conflict at the workplace”, said Stevenson, 56, a professional arbitrator. While we were expecting some serious advice from Steve considering that resolving conflicts was his forte, he came up with something extremely light hearted. “The best way to resolve even the most serious of conflicts is to separate the people involved, ask them to take some fresh air and coffee and get back with a clear mind. It’s unbelievable how beautifully this works”, he said.

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