Top 5 Tips on Party Etiquette

Top 5 Tips on Party Etiquette

“Party etiquette? What’s that?” If this is what you think, you need our crash course on the top 5 party etiquette rules that you must know whether you are attending or hosting a party. Go on, satisfy the social butterfly in you and know these party etiquette to let your hair down without having to look foolish.

1. Drink in moderation

You will probably hear this advice on the radio and see it on the billboards, but we are not telling this to you for health reasons. Drinking in moderation is a party etiquette, especially if you are attending social or formal parties. Having a drunken woman in a party is an embarrassment for any host. Make sure you constantly keep a tab on how much you’ve had to drink so that you are not the comic center of attraction of the night.

2. If you must avoid people in a party, avoid them gracefully

We can understand that you may want to avoid certain people in a party, especially if that certain someone is your ex boyfriend or a woman with whom you’ve had a nasty fight. There are better ways to avoid them rather than being rude and making the situation obvious to onlookers. “Excuse me, I need to go to the ladies room”, “Excuse me, I need to make a call” or “I apologize but I need to meet someone” are lines that you can use if you want to put this party etiquette into practice.

3. Mingle with others at a party but give them their space

We can understand if you feel like being the star of the evening and mingling with everyone at a party, but have you thought whether the people you want to mingle with have the time and wish to mingle with you? This party etiquette is all about giving people their own space and knowing when to back off. For all you know, someone at the party may find it offensive if you mingle with their boyfriend. The key is to know whom to mingle with and for how long.

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