Top 5 Tips On Golf Etiquette

Top 5 Tips On Golf Etiquette

“Etiquette is important in all sports. But it applies the most to a gentleman’s sport like golf which is one of the most classy and sophisticated sports around”, explained Mike, 56, a golf pro and enthusiast, who always loves talking about golf etiquette on the slightest probe. Let’s take a few golf etiquette lessons from the man himself.

1. Dress appropriately

“Dressing is an important part of golf etiquette. Not only will it make you feel like a million bucks, it’ll also make other golfers around you to take you more seriously, especially when you’re a novice”, said Mike. “Most private clubs demand the golf etiquette of dressing appropriately with golf shorts, trousers, collared tee shirts and golf hats to enhance your shot vision. This golf dressing etiquette applies to both men and women”, he added. Friends, an important golf etiquette that Mike leaves us with is that denims and open toe shoes are a complete no-no.

2. Don’t vent your emotions in golf

“When novices don’t follow this basic golf etiquette, it annoys the hell out of us experienced golfers”, whined Mike. “This golf etiquette is usually flouted by youngsters who have no respect for the sport. I’ve seen kids throwing their clubs, balls, not clearing their tee line and misappropriating their golf carts to roam around the golf course”, said a thoroughly annoyed Mike. The whole point of this golf etiquette is to respect the rhythm, pace and the sanctity of this sophisticated sport.

3. Cart properly

Ladies, did you know that there are golf etiquettes for carting too? Mike gave us interesting tips on how you should be using your golf carts. “Follow this golf carting etiquette by treading your cart only on the allocated cart path, not crossing anyone’s tee lines, following the cart speed limit signs and taking your cart to your ball at a 90 degree turn when you reach it”, said Mike. Wow, we never knew that there were such intricate golf etiquettes for carts, did you?

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