Top 5 Back-To-School Shopping Tips

Top 5 shopping tips for your child going to school

“What stuff did you buy for your daughter Danielle, since she’s going back to school this August?”, asked Corelle, 32. “Oh, I’ve been really careful with Danielle’s back-to-school shopping this time. I always end up spending so much that I had to pull the plug somewhere”, answered Nigella, 35. Ladies, are you too facing the heat on spending too much for your child’s back-to-school shopping? Here are a few tips on shopping for your child going back to school that you should follow.

Tip 1: Start much before the back-to-school season

“The biggest shopping tip that I can give you is to start much before the back-to-school sale starts. Buying off season will always get you stuff like stationery, uniforms, bags, shoes etc. for great rates and in good variety”, said Nigella. “A great benefit of this shopping tip is that you won’t get rushed in the end, you won’t spend out of frustration and your child’s items and accessories won’t be like everyone else’s in class”, she added, laughing.

Tip 2: Plan for quantity not quality

“Are you surprised at this shopping tip of mine, Corelle?”, asked Nigella. “Yes, why would you not focus on quality?”, asked Corelle. “That’s the beauty of this tip”, said Nigella. “Kids, during their younger years and even in their preteenage, tend to outgrow their shoe and cloth size very quickly. Also, they tend to lose a lot of their stationery in school, be careless with their backpack and so on. It’s best to not spend on very high quality back-to-school items”, advised Nigella.

Tip 3: Make a budget and make a list

Now, now friends, don’t you laugh at this shopping tip that both Nigella and Corelle have recommended to us. If making a list of items required and planning a budget were so easy, we wouldn’t be putting it on this list of tips on shopping for kids going back to school! Friends, when we are out there shopping, it is very easy to get carried away by fancy school supplies and out of kids’ constant whining to buy more and more stuff. That’s why, heed this top yet basic shopping tip and emerge as a super saver mommy.

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