Top 5 Romantic Gestures That Always Seem To Work

 Romantic Gestures That Always Seem To Work

Romance adds a touch of magic and wonder to our life, which otherwise tends to get too monotonous. Using some well known romantic gestures can help to make your relationships more enjoyable and reignite the spark of love that might be waning out. There are many romantic gestures that are considered to be purely male. Some of us consider it to be a male’s duty to present flowers or candies. These work better for ladies because they love flowers and most of them have a sweet tooth. But there are some things even you can do to seduce your man.

1. Hinting towards sex

Many men relate romance to sex. This has to be kept in mind when working on your romantic gestures. Most men would think that a woman in male shorts is romantic. She is sexy, but not just plain sexy. She is romantically sexy. This changes how a man perceives a woman.

2. Cooking his favorite meal

Sometimes men associate romance with love and for such men, only their mother seems to be the epitome of love. It might not sound too romantic to you, but it may work. If you cook a special dish that was cooked by his mother in his childhood, the smell and look of it may be romantic and special to him.

3. Asking him out

Asking him out can also be a romantic gesture. However, you should be sure to plan things well ahead and not harm his ego. Some men are very sensitive about their ego. They feel frustrated when they meet independent women. So after asking him out and arranging everything, do not pay for things, demonstrating how independent you are. He might feel embarrassed instead.

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