Top 5 Reasons Why Women Love To Gossip

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Love To Gossip

We hate it when we women are stereotyped and labeled as gossipers because men do it too. But that’s not the point we’re going to discuss here. Take a look at what many of our readers had to say when we asked the question, “Why do women love to gossip?”

1. Gossiping lets women share their feelings

“Women love to gossip because gossiping is a nice outlet when we feel the need to share something”, said Kylie, 28, a receptionist with a real estate firm. We fully agree with what Kylie has to say because women are emotional beings and the thought of sharing is a vital element of any woman’s psyche.

2. Gossiping lets women validate their thoughts

“How else are you going to validate your own suspicions or feelings?”, asks Amanda, 29, as a reply to our question. Amanda believes that we all need to bounce off our thoughts with each other to gain validation and support. We really can’t deny this because getting a close friend to agree with you on any thought is a very satisfying feeling. We find it unfortunate that this act of validation of thoughts, ideas and happenings is derogatorily labeled as gossip, don’t you?

3. Gossiping lets women share dark secrets

“Women love to gossip because we trust in each other. Men can deny this as long as they want, but the fact is, women who are good friends have full faith in each other so they share all their secrets”, said Emmy, 47. Although we didn’t think about this earlier, Emmy’s reason on why women love to gossip really hits the nail on the head. Don’t you all trust your best friends a 100% to be able to confide your darkest secrets in them? It’s a pity men can’t find such faithful sources of outlets.

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