Top 5 Perfumes To Wear This Summer

“Smelling great in summer is as important to me as summer itself”, says Beth, a journalist. Stacy, her friend, who is studying fashion design, agrees. Over a lot of coffees and a long drawn discussion, they manage to pick out 5 amazing summer perfumes. Read on to know how you can add an exotic scent to the best season of the year. Here are top 5 summer perfumes for you.

1. Beautiful By Estee Lauder For Women Summer Fun

Beautiful By Estee Lauder For Women Summer Fun

“Beautiful by Estee Lauder is, indeed, truly beautiful. This perfume is specifically formulated to give women the true feel of summer because it smells of fresh notes of jasmine, rose and carnation. Aren’t flowers the best way to describe summer?”, asks Stacy. We surely agree with her. Estee Lauder has gone one notch higher with Beautiful because this summer perfume also has fruity notes of peaches, melons and citrus.

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