Top 5 New Year’s Eve Parties

Top 5 New Year's Eve Parties

So, you are planning to make it really large this New Year’s Eve? How are you going to do that? Maybe you have planned to visit one of the most happening party destinations in the world! But how do you decide, which are the really big ones and which are simply average? To aid you in this regard, we bring you the top 5 New Year’s Eve party locations. And once you’re done deciding, better book your tickets fast. You really don’t want to wait for the last minute on this. Check out 5 New Year’s Eve parties.

1. Las Vegas

This forever lively town becomes ten-folds livelier and fun on New Year’s Eve. Over 300,000 people visit Las Vegas every year on this day. There are plenty of shows in practically every hotel, bar or club that forms the life of this town. Most of these places lock their doors right before midnight. So you can either be indoor and enjoy these shows as you dance your heart out, or you could be outdoor and be mesmerized by the amazing fireworks that light up the entire night sky.

2. Sydney

Definitely the place to be in if you’re planning to be amongst the first to bid farewell to 2013 and welcome 2014. With over 1.5 million visitors, Sydney becomes one of the most happening places on New Year’s Eve. There are several brilliant street shows all across the city and spectacular fireworks display. Getting a good vantage point is really what will make this night so special for you.

3. London

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with over 250,000 people, all gathered on the streets and having the biggest open-air party is a memory to be lived with forever. Matching the countdown with the Big Ben and watching the millions of light and fireworks color the entire town is simply magical. There are concerts and shows all across the town which is sure to set you on. But that is not where the fun ends. London hosts the annual New Year’s parade on the morning of 1st January every year where over 10,000 performers from across the globe show up to welcome the new year along with you.

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