Top 5 Health Care Screening Tests For Women Which Must Be Done Regularly

Top 5 Health Care Screening Tests For Women Which Must Be Done Regularly

“Hey Christine, did you take this year’s med tests?,” asked Gina, 43, on her way back from the hospital. “Which tests are you talking about?,” asked Christine over the phone. “Oh dear, looks like you’re really not aware of the 5 important health tests that women must take at regular intervals, especially once they hit 30,” said Gina, sounding worried.
Friends, are you too ignoring these top 5 important health tests for women?

1. Mammography

“This test is important for detecting breast cancer at an early age,” said Gina. “Most medical professionals advice this test over the age of 50, but it’s always best started early, I personally believe,” she added. “I read somewhere that this health test for women is now required in younger age groups, because younger breasts are more prone to develop cysts,” said Christine. “And if your mom has been diagnosed of breast cancer, this health test becomes absolutely critical for you,” Gina wisely added.

2. Pap Tests or Smears

“I’ve heard a lot about the Pap Test. But why is this such an important health test for women?,” inquired Christine. “Good point, Christine. Pap Smears are basically used for checking any traces of cervical cancer in women. It is recommended that women over 20 who are sexually active should go for this important health test each year,” said Christine. “In fact, women practicing safe sex with single partners can go for the test every 3 years and women who practice sex with multiple partners should go every year. But it’s best to check facts regarding this important health test for women from your doctor,” she added.

3. Bone Mineral Density Test

“Why do you think women are asked to pop those calcium pills after they hit 30?,” asked Gina. “That’s because chances of osteoporosis rise significantly post 30 and post pregnancy, to be precise. Osteoporosis causes bone loss, easy breakage of bones and leads to bone tissue deterioration,” she added. “This important health test for women which is also called Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) is critical to check bone mineral density. As you head towards old age, recovery for even a small fracture can become painful due to brittle bones,” advised Gina.

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