Top 5 Dressing Tips for Women to Show Off a Great Personality

Top 5 Dressing Tips for Women to Show Off a Great Personality

More often than not, women and their personalities are judged by how they dress, don’t you agree? It is for this very reason that we think that you should have a few dressing rules in place that you can adhere to, before you step out of the house. Here are 5 important dressing tips for women which you must keep in mind, if you want an attractive personality.

1. Know your body size

“The worst fashion and dressing blunder that any woman can make is wear clothes that are way too small or way too big for her”, said Sharon, a 26-year old retail assistant, who works all day just getting women clothes that match their size. We have to agree with Sharon’s advice because wearing clothes that are too small or too big for you will lead to a bad first impression. Every time you go shopping for clothes, remember your body size and measurements to buy clothes that will fit you now, not tomorrow, not yesterday.

2. Accessorize well

“The right accessory can make even a dull dress look great. That is why, I suggest to most of my customers to have an accessory in mind while they shop for their clothes”, said Sharon. The point is that you should have different accessories for different dressing styles. Remember ladies, a wrong accessory can spoil the look of even the best of dresses.

3. Skinny jeans can never go wrong

“I often say to my customers that skinny jeans are a woman’s best friend. You can wear a nice shirt and a jacket over skinny jeans at a formal function or simply put on a bright t-shirt on a casual outing”, exclaimed Sharon. She also mentioned that every woman should have the perfect fitting skinny jeans in her closet and it is the most important dressing rule that you all should remember. “Skinny jeans will often come in handy when you don’t know what to wear. They are your safest bet”, added Sharon.

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