Top 5 Disadvantages of Dating An Older Man

Top 5 Disadvantages of Dating An Older Man

Older men are wiser and more mature. They have seen a lot in life and thus can make interesting conversations. But, there are some disadvantages of dating older men. Some of them are listed here.

1. Incompatibility

If you are going to date an older man, you must be well prepared for the difference in interests and hobbies that will exist between the two of you. While you may enjoy skydiving and surfing, the old man certainly would want to stay away from such sports. There will also be difference of opinion when it comes to eating habits, music and books because of the age difference between you both.

2. Different lifestyles

The old man you are dating probably already has a family and a well-established routine as part of his daily life. While you may want to tour around the world and explore new horizons, the old man may want to sit at home and enjoy cozy dinner every day. Another thing to consider is that if the old man already has a family, then you will need to adapt to them as well.

3. Growing older

Everybody has to grow older, but an old man is going to grow older and feebler. His health risks may increase and so will his susceptibility to diseases. No matter how fit he his, no matter how healthy his eating habits are, you cannot deny the fact that his age will catch up on him sooner or later.

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