Top 5 Challenges You Will Face In Sending Your Child To Preschool. Tips To Help You Deal With It

Top 5 Challenges You Will Face In Sending Your Child To Preschool. Tips To Help You Deal With It

So, your child is finally hopping across to preschool. It’s a happy moment for the family, isn’t it? But note you and your child will face some major changes, emotionally and otherwise. Your child’s routine will go for a toss, and you will have to make arrangements for dropping and picking up your child from school. Here are some tips to help you deal with this situation.

Challenge #1: ‘I won’t go inside school, mama!’

We can imagine you breaking into a sweat when your child says the above line to you, at the entrance of his/her preschool. ‘My son, Tom, was smiling from ear to ear when we left from home’, Julia said. ‘The minute we reached the doorstep of the school, he lost his head and began to cry’. Be ready for this to happen to you friends. It’s very typical.

What you can do:
Gather three or four of your toddler’s friends. Carpool your trip to the preschool so that none of the kids feel anxiety on their first day.

Challenge #2: I don’t like to eat there

This is a very common complaint parents have, when their tiny tots take their first steps toward preschool. ‘It’s not really about the food, it’s about the experience’ explained Julia. ‘They are not used to eating in the company of so many other kids, with a teacher supervising them and so on’.

What you can do:
Don’t you think it’s worthwhile to let your children learn how to do things independently? Of course it will cause them tears and discomfort in the start, but we urge you to not feel too sympathetic. Let them be!

Challenge #3: ‘I don’t have any friends’

From here, begins the journey of your child’s social life. But don’t let your feathers get ruffled. ‘Some kids are inherently social and will immediately make friends. Others may take a significant amount of time, like my son Tom. He remained unhappy at school not because he didn’t like it there, but because he had no friends’ said Julia.

What you can do:
Go to your child’s preschool / kindergarten yourself and spend some time with the kids around there. See who can fit in best with your child and introduce them to each other.

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