Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas

Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas

When you are planning your baby shower party, you want it to be a very special and sweet event. You want it to be remembered and cherished forever in your mind. This is a truly wonderful moment that you want to share with your baby when he/she grows up. So capture those special moments and keep them nicely. But before all that, you need to come up with some fantastic baby shower ideas. Here are some of the best baby shower ideas for you to consider.

1. Ladies only baby shower

This would be a more traditional type of baby shower. In the past, only ladies were invited to baby showers. So if you want to have a personal affair with only ladies, you could opt for this idea. It could be a special time, when all ladies share their dearest baby and pregnancy related experiences. Such a party can be very intimate and educational at the same time.

2. Couples baby shower

This is a very cool idea where you get to invite your lady friends as well as their boyfriends/husbands. It is a good time where the married couples may share their experiences with you. You can also make the guys pay an entry fee, which will make you feel very important as if they are entering your ‘exclusives only’ club!

3. Cartoon baby shower

As children, we all had that one favorite cartoon character whom we adored. So why not keep that as the theme for your baby shower? Your guests can decide their favorite cartoon character and get something which has the character on it. You also have to decorate your home with all cartoon characters you can think of!

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