Top 4 Tips to Be Friends With an Ex

Top 4 Tips to Be Friends With an Ex

Someone who has known you well; knows what is best for you and does things to make you happy and when the feeling is mutual, you can be assured that you have earned a good friend. Unfortunately, if this best friend is your ex, you might not want to call your friendship quits just because some things did not work between the two of you. If you are convinced to continue friendship with your ex, ensure you follow these tips to be friends with an ex.

1. Have a Healthy Discussion

Many times, staying in touch with your ex especially when you are in another relationship is quite complicated. This could be possibly because love may not be lost totally. To avoid further complications, it is better to discuss emotions and expressions holistically and get over the topic.

2. Avoid Being Conscious

It is natural to feel awkward in the presence of your ex. Stay away from being explicitly conscious. You do not just make yourself vulnerable to feeling weird but also destroy what an otherwise beautiful friendship with your ex can render. So, treat him like any other good friend of yours.

3. Avoid Frequent Conversations

In the initial days of your new relationship, it is natural for you to compare your ex with the one you are with then. Stay away from conversations during this period with your ex and more so, do not indulge in talking about the person you are with to your ex. In such cases, you are not just refraining from giving your new flame a chance but are also rendering your breakup useless. You will end up in confusion.

4. Get Over your Emotions

You should get over any feeling of hatred, anger, frustration and hurt before thinking of becoming friends with your ex while you are in a relationship. Until and unless you are feeling neutral about your ex, there is no way you can be friends with him or continue at peace with your new boyfriend.

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