Top 3 Romantic Honeymoon Cruises

Top 3 Romantic Honeymoon Cruises

Royal Caribbean International is the best cruise company in the cruise industry. The Royal Caribbean International boasts of some of the best vessels to sail on water. With record breaking size, breath taking interiors, warm hospitality and an international list of guests, three of their cruises make it to this list. Royal Caribbean is a must if you want to experience a world class experience during your honeymoon.

1. Oasis of the seas and Allure of the seas

These two ships are the faces of the cruise industry. Oasis and Allure are the most modern and revolutionary cruises. The most sought after by honeymooners, these two ships are the proud possession of the Royal Caribbean International. Allure of the seas is currently the world’s largest cruise ship. The experience here is more on the ship than on the destination. The ships have something for everybody, especially for those on their honeymoon. Both the ships have amazing entertainment and hospitality facilities and boast some of the best interiors with surfing pools. These ships will be the first in the minds of any honeymoon planner.

2. Freedom of the Seas

This is another mega icon in the honeymoon cruise experience. Freedom of the Seas was initially the most sought after cruise before the introduction of the new Oasis and Allure of the Seas. But, nonetheless Freedom of the Seas is no less when compared to the other cruises in its class. Freedom of the Seas boasts two magical parades filled with street performers and artists. Freedom of the Seas also plays host to a boxing ring, which is very rare among cruise ships. With some amazing couple packages for honeymooners and a great romantic experience, Freedom of the Seas is a must consider.

3. Wind Spirit, Windstar Cruise Lines

What can get any better than this? A beautiful and luxurious ship on a seven day cruise in Europe. The perfect combination to spice up your honeymoon. The Wind Spirit experience is both about the on board experience and the destinations. Wind Spirit makes halts at some of Europe’s most scenic and beautiful cities. With less than 150 passengers on board, the treatment is more exclusive and special. It is the perfect cruise for your honeymoon.

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