Top 10 Ways To Love Yourself

Top 10 Ways To Love Yourself

“Had we not loved ourselves at all, we could never have been obliged to love anything. So that self-love is the basis of all love.” – Thomas Traherne

Do you usually have a busy day with a busy schedule and a busy life? Do you give yourself enough time? Do you pamper yourself? Do you take time to love yourself? You perform many roles in your life, as a daughter, as a mother, as a sister, as a wife, besides being a friend and an employee. You try to give your best to every relationship which is important but do you love yourself? Did you know that loving yourself is equally necessary? You care for your loved ones but forget to attend to your own needs, to the needs of your body and your soul. It is quite simple to do so. Your love and care for others can be even more effective if you start loving yourself. Following are different ways to love yourself. Have a look.

1. Reserve at least one hour of the day for yourself

You should take at least one hour out from your busy schedule to know yourself. Take some time out to contemplate over your needs, indulge in your hobbies and spend time with yourself. So, the first step towards loving yourself is to know yourself well.

2. Stop criticizing yourself

Self-criticism makes you weak from inside and kills your self-confidence. When you lack self-belief and self-confidence, you cannot support your own self, and so you cannot support anyone else.

3. Forget your past if that hurts

There is no need to remember some things which hurt you. The experiences and things which hurt are better forgotten. When you hurt yourself thinking of your past experiences, you actually hurt your mind and your soul. They reduce your capacity to heal and also deprive you of your inner happiness.

4. Forgive yourself and everyone else

Forgiveness is the virtue that helps you to spread love all around you and also within you. It is a way to heal yourself and others. Forgive and forget for that helps in self-expansion.

5. Express yourself without hesitation

Expressing yourself is a way to give language to your emotions and your feelings. If suppressed, these unexpressed emotions leave a scar on your soul and your memories. It’s better to express your emotions than to keep them within and regret later.

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