Top 10 Tips To Save Electricity At Home

Top 10 Tips To Save Electricity At Home

Are your electricity bills shooting up and playing with your household budget? If that’s the case, you need not worry from now on, for we will give you awesome tips on how you can save electricity and reduce your electricity bills.

1. Optimize the use of the AC

You should only use the air conditioner when you’re feeling really hot. You can also switch to using fans as they consume much less electricity than ACs. One energy saving method is to set your AC at the lowest temperature at night and set the auto timer to 1 or 2 hours after the AC is switched on. But be sure to close all the doors and windows to avoid excessive air leakage. The room will also be cool enough for 5-6 hours till you get up and you won’t need the AC, once you’re soundly asleep.

2. Turn off lights when not in use

Before leaving your home for work, be sure to switch off all the lights and electronic appliances. Even when you go out of your room, turn off the lights, AC or fan. These will consume energy and unnecessarily raise your electricity bills.

3. Use fluorescent lamps

Using CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps will reduce your energy consumption by almost 75%. Yes, they may cost you more, but they are worth every penny. What’s more, they also last longer than your regular bulbs or tube lights.

4.Unplug electronic items when not in use

This applies to all your electronic appliances such as TV, computer, AC, laptop and so on. Don’t keep your laptop or PC on standby or sleep mode when you’re not using it even for 1 hour. This wastes a lot of energy. Switch off and unplug all these devices when you are not using them to save electricity.

5. Minimize use of electronic appliances

Some kitchen appliances like microwaves, ovens, juicers and mixers can be used optimally. If you can, just minimize the use of such appliances.

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