Top 10 Things Men Hate About Women

6. Taking time to dress up

Yes, this is a really long standing argument that men have about women. They take time to dress up! It doesn’t matter if they have to go on a date, movie or just walk the dog, some women need to be prim and proper all the time. Men don’t mind them looking neat and clean, but can’t they put a simple tee and jeans, dab a bit of perfume and come out for an evening stroll in the local park?

7. Being over anxious about themselves

Men say that women always seem to be insecure about themselves. They aren’t happy with their looks, their hair, their body, nothing. This is simply a case of the grass looking green on the other side, men feel. Even after they get repeated compliments from men or anyone, they don’t seem to understand that.

8. Giving off a bad odor

Of course, no one likes to be with a person who has a bad stench coming off him/her. Ditto for men. They don’t prefer women to be smelling of sweat or any other bad odor. It is a great turn off.

9. Being sleazy

Men like women who have their self-respect and self-esteem intact. They hate those women who are trashy and just sleep around with men for the sake of it. Men themselves lose respect for such women.

10. Acting stupid

Men think that sometimes women just act plain stupid. Men prefer smart women who can look after themselves, are independent and don’t make themselves look like a fool in front of others.

These are some of the things that men hate about women.

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