Top 10 Safe Driving Tips

Top 10 Safe Driving Tips

Tommy Lasorda once said, “Baseball is like driving, it’s the one who gets home safely that counts.” Sadly, very few heed these regular advices they get from all quarters, from the police to the parents. True, the adrenaline rush that one feels as the winds whoosh against the glass and the street lights pass by can hardly be matched by anything. But bring to your mind the sordid end that awaits you on the road, if you continue with your rash driving and instantly you will feel all that enthusiasm vanish into thin air. So what are the points to be kept in mind while you are behind the wheel? Let us look at some of the most important safe driving tips.

1. Speed

Do not try to emulate Schumacher. It is a road you are driving on, not a racetrack.

2. Distance

Maintain adequate gap between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. Ever heard of the 2 seconds rule? If you already know of it, it’s time you diligently follow it. If you don’t, check it out right away.

3. Alcohol

A lot of accidents happen because the drivers are under the influence of alcohol. Apart from the breathalyser tests, you should fear the impending crash before you set out driving dead drunk.

4. Sleep

Take a good nap before embarking on a long drive. You do not want to fall asleep on the steering wheel.

5. Rules

Traffic rules are there to be obeyed. Stop breaking them for a change. Always wear a seat belt and do not jump red lights.

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