Top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2015

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2012

Another year has passed by, and a glorious new year is here again. It is that fun time of the year where everyone is mighty excited to put on the party hats and have an elating time. And along shall come more memories and joyous times. But one integral part of every new year celebration is the resolutions that we make. Here are a few things that you might want to consider as this New year’s resolution. Have a great new year.

1. Quit smoking

This new year, give up your addictions and choose to lead a healthy life. Although, it is not an easy task to lay off smoking, with determination and support you can certainly do it. Stop hanging out with your friends while they smoke, as it can get very difficult to resist then. Also, take serious efforts to kill the urge to smoke, when alone. You can probably do this by having chocolates or any food that you relish. This way you would not feel like letting go of the taste of something your really love for something that can actually kill you in the long run.

2. Get in shape

Weighed down by your weight in the social world? Looking forward to lose out some pounds? This, many believe, is the most common new year resolution that people make and also the most common one that they break. To stand successfully by this resolution, you need to show serious dedication and patience. As the results and effects of your physical training and well-planned diet take time to reflect on your body, it can get a bit pesky to keep up with this resolution. All you need at such times, when you are ready to break your resolution, is motivation. Keep yourself pumped up and focused to get back in shape. It is also quite important to realize that there are no shortcuts to good health. Take proper advice and work smart towards it.

3. Save more, spend less

Feel a financial pinch at the end of every month? It is never difficult to save more, but it is also never easy to spend less. Financial stability can only be achieved when both these things are in a good sync. Avoid spending on anything and everything that you see around. Instead grow up and spend smart. Make a list of items that you bought during your latest shopping spree, and analyze by yourself, if all the things you buy are of utmost need to you. This way you will not only learn about what to spend on and what to avoid, but also keep a tab on your expenses. Remember, if you regret spending after buying things, you are an impulsive expender. This new year, make a resolution to control your impulse, stay alert.

4. Dedicate more time to family

If you are working day in day out to help your family with luxuries and comforts that you think would make them happy, then all you need to do is think again. You may choose to gift them all the materialistic joy around, but your presence alone can bring a true meaning to it. Although, this resolution and its successful completion highly depends on your profession and age, one thing that goes for all is that no matter what you are searching for in the social world, there is no place as beautiful as home. Plan out your projects, meetings and appointments well before time, take efforts, initiate and make outdoor plans with your family and try to spend quality time with all of them. Also, let your family members know about this resolution. They will certainly be of great help.

5. Read at least three books a year

Books can be a great way of bursting out the stress that comes with your day-to-day routine. If you are used to reading, you should know what genre of books interest you and hence choose accordingly. If you are not a regular reader, take time to see what kind of books appeal you. This is quite important, as people generally go on to read the latest bestsellers around, irrespective of their own interests and later find it too boring to get done with. Such an experience can really kill off your inclination to read books. So, rather than strictly reading 3 books this new year, it is better you read one book but with a sincere eye and interest.

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