Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs

Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs

Held as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records, Michael Jackson is, indubitably, the King of Pop. With his sassy dance moves, touching lyrics, unconventional voice and trendy tunes, Jackson set new standards and revolutionized Pop music in his career spanning 45 years! Jackson has left to us a treasure house of so many hits and out-of-the-box tunes that it’s hard to choose the best 10 from the long list. Yet, we have made an attempt to compile a list of the top 10 Michael Jackson songs here. Every song in this list has a feature which makes it so special. These songs are not arranged in the order of popularity or chronology. They stand no compare to each other. They are just a few gem stones in the treasure box that Jackson has offered to the world. Have a look.

1. “Beat It”

“Beat It” is a pioneering effort by Michael Jackson towards uniting rock and R&B. It’s not just the unison of two genres but a merger of different moods. It is the range of emotions that you get to experience while listening to this song that makes it so popular. The icing on the cake is the guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen. For its unconventional composition, its experimental nature and for its resulting popularity, “Beat It” can be termed as Jackson’s best.

2. “Man in the Mirror”

When talking of Jackson’s atypical tunes, how could one forget “Man in the Mirror”? This partly autobiographical solo has Jackson’s convincing vocals and an apt use of a gospel choir. “Man in the Mirror” deserves to be called the most uplifting hit songs of Jackson.

3. “Billie Jean”

Considered as a masterpiece and a milestone in pop music, Jackson’s “Billie Jean” made him the first black artist to be aired on MTV. This single touched the summit of popularity and people began following Jackson for his tune, for his move, for his hair and for the honesty that he conveyed through his songs.

4. “Black or White”

Fans from all over the world don’t just follow Jackson for his immense musical talent but the gem of a person that he was. His constant attempt to underline issues surrounding him made him one of the best philanthropist. “Black or White”, which underlined the issue of racial unity, was appreciated by one and all. From its tune to its video, everything gave just one message which his fans took to the heart.

5. “We Are the World”

This single, launched to promote charity for the African famine relief, created records for having sold more than 10 million copies across the world. What makes this one so special? It’s heart wrenching words, written by Jackson in collaboration with Lionel Richie, its uplifting tune, sung by the most popular artists of the time and the message that it conveyed. “We Are the World” had some of the best lines sung by Michael Jackson, which made him surpass his contemporaries.

6. “Earth Song”

When one talks of Michael Jackson’s songs which voice human concerns, how could one ignore the “Earth Song”? This single made an outright plea to work towards the conservation of the environment and nature’s beings. This popular Jackson number saw the convergence of three genres: opera, blues and gospel. Its melancholic video added fuel to fire and soon the album became as famous as his other singles.

7. “Heal the World”

“Heal the World” was one more attempt by Jackson to bring into the light the problems of children living in countries where chaos was omnipresent. Although the music video of this song didn’t feature Michael Jackson, the artist still managed to get appreciation from his fans. Such was the magic of Jackson that his fans never let him down. They acknowledged every effort of their favorite star, in fact, they even helped him wholeheartedly for the cause.

8. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

This single got Michael Jackson got him his first Grammy award. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” has a hip tune that sounds fresh even when heard today. This one incorporates Jackson’s signature style and Jackson’s first ever music video.

9. “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”

This is another funky number that makes you jump onto the dance floor. Although this single didn’t have a music video, Jackson’s vocals and the hip beats of this song made the magic work.

10. “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Last but not the least, Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” is another single that definitely needs a mention. This popular number, belonging to the Pop and R&B genre, stole the hearts of thousand hearts with its peppy tune and catchy video.

These are just a few of Michael Jackson’s best singles. There are several others like “You’re not Alone”, “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “Rock with You”, “Remember the Time” which deserve a mention. Thanks to these songs, their records, their videos, Jackson will perennially stay with us, inside our minds. He is an artist who can never die, for he lives through his music, his dance, his songs, his work and, of course, his ‘moonwalk’.

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